537 West St Catherine Street – A Masterful Restoration

Updated: Aug 6, 2020

537 West St Catherine Street a 2 ½ story residence was built in 1892 when the surrounding area was developing. It has always been a single-family residence.

In 1989 Ms. Judy Brown rented the residence and in 1995 the residence was given to her. In March 2019 Judy decided to downsize and move into a condo. At that time, Judy sold her home to Dennis Lally a local Old Louisville contractor who has been renovating the residence since that time.

On Saturday 22 July 2020, Judy and members of her family, local neighbors and friends were invited to see and walk through the completed renovation.

Dennis accomplished beautiful improvements to the residence with a modern kitchen on the first-floor inlaid floor improvements, fireplace improvements, and a wine alcove. The stairway to the 2nd floor is a unique open-air stairway to 3 bedrooms and 2 ½ baths. Two bedrooms occupy the 3rd floor. A large stained glass window was commissioned and is now on display in the front façade of the 2nd floor. A family room has been added to the first floor and a fenced yard and single car garage to the rear.

Dennis says he personally scraped the paint off the entire front of the residence with razor blades and paint remover.

Judy Brown and her family were thrilled to see the completed renovation of her home.

Dennis did a lovely and masterful restoration.

Herb Fink, Chair Property Improvement Committee

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