Watering Newly Planted Trees in Limerick

Updated: Jul 29, 2020

Rains have brought our area about 4” of moisture above normal so far this year.

However, due to recent above 90° temperatures newly planted trees, this spring started looking in need of help.

On Wednesday 22 July 2020 a group of tree planters filled water bags and accomplished general watering to 40+/- trees in the 8th and St. Catherine area in Limerick.

On Saturday 25 July 2020 more watering was accomplished in the 7th and St. Catherine area to about 30+/- trees.

Watering will continue as needed as this summer moves on.

All property owners who received trees this spring agree to maintain and water their tree per the watering regimen plan provided by the Metro Louisville Forestry office as follows:

Year 1: Water tree once a week. Enough water should be applied so the tree receives the equivalent of one (1) inch of rainfall weekly when temperatures are in the high 70s (F) or above. The watering schedule should start in May and conclude in October.

Watering trees the first year after planting is very important.

Just a short note from the trees to those who worked the hoses – Thank you! We were getting pretty thirsty and you came to the rescue!

Herb Fink, Chair Property Improvement Committee

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