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Draft of Design Guidelines for Historic Properties Now Available

The Landmarks Commission has recognized the need for revisions to the Standard Design Guidelines in the historic preservation districts for a number of years. Providing an update to the design guidelines was a primary goal for 2020.  Louisville Metro Government was awarded a grant in 2015 to support the update. In 2016, a consultant (Nore Winter and Associates) was selected to prepare Draft Guidelines in consultation with the Metro Planning & Design Services staff.

Metro Planning and Design says, "the Draft Guidelines are provided as a series of individual chapters that address a variety of topics regarding changes to historic structures. They promote the community’s vision for preservation by guiding appropriate stewardship of historic resources and compatible redevelopment in local preservation districts. Serving as an update to the existing Guidelines, the Draft Guidelines continue preservation policies that were in place, clarify provisions, and utilize many of the same illustrations."

If you have any questions regarding the Draft Guidelines, the approval process, or appropriate preservation techniques, please contact Planning & Design Services at (502) 574-6230 or visit their webpage. To view or download the most recent version of the Draft Guidelines, please click here.

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